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Considering Bankruptcy?

Financial issues are one of the most stressful events we can face in our lives.  For some people, perhaps you, bankruptcy can provide a fresh start and a chance at a new life, free from those worries.  Considering bankruptcy?  Continue reading, and call us.

Prior to Filing Bankruptcy

One of the most important steps you will take is choosing an attorney.  Finding an attorney who is board-certified, like Kevin M. Smith, is a step in the right direction.  

Your attorney will schedule  an initial consultation to determine your needs and which chapter(s) of bankruptcy might be right for you.  You'll be asked to provide information and documents to assist your attorney in preparing your case.  You'll also be required to take a credit counseling course.  Once all of the paperwork is complete, and have your course certificate, your attorney will generally proceed to file your case.  In some instances, your attorney may advise you to postpone your filing, for example if you are not yet eligible for a discharge.  But, your attorney will review all of that information with you.  

What to Expect After Filing

After your case is filed, you will attend a meeting of creditors where the trustee will ask you questions.  In a Chapter 7 case, that may be essentially the end of your case.  In a Chapter 13 case, you will continue to work with your attorney to obtain court approval of your plan to repay creditors, and over the following years, work with your attorney and trustee to make payments due under the plan.  In most cases, you will receive a discharge of your debts within a few months after the meeting of creditors.